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We believe all children facing a parent's cancer deserve the chance to fully experience the joys of childhood and be their best selves.

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Creating fun. Building community. Empowering the next generation.

Passionate college students lead our community. Working alongside alumni and supporters, they create experiences and connections where these children can process, connect, heal, and thrive. 

For many of the children and our volunteers, Kesem is a life-changing experience that spans far beyond a week at summer camp. It fosters bonds and understanding that builds resilience, confidence, and lasting feelings of hope and joy. That's the magic of Kesem.

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The Challenge

Today, more than 5 million children are impacted by a parent’s cancer in the United States. ¹These children can experience increased anxiety, emotional isolation, loss of social interest, and feelings of hopelessness, among other things.

While many programs, services, and communities support those coping with their own cancer diagnosis, these children often lack the resources, spaces, or peer-to-peer support tailored to help address their needs and experiences.
¹Source: Center for Disease Control and American Cancer Society data analyzed by Decision Resources Group.

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Who We Are

We work to ensure that every child affected by a parent’s cancer is never alone.

In our community, thousands of children facing the challenges of a parent’s cancer can escape the sadness and isolation that cancer creates and connect with peers who understand and are able to provide comfort and support.

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Our Work

We create experiences and a lasting community to support children through and beyond their parent’s cancer. Across the country, we are reaching more children and families impacted by cancer every year.

Our unique student leader model sustains successful delivery of our flagship program, Camp Kesem, and other fun, creative, and inclusive year-round programs and services.

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Our Impact

We welcome children coping 
with a parent's cancer into a supportive community where 
they find caring volunteers, exemplary role models in our college student leaders, and friends that they can relate to. 
This new environment leads 
to more positive outcomes for them, including:
Improved self-esteem
Enhanced coping skills
Increased self-confidence
Stronger emotional intelligence

Camp Kesem has given me a family of people who are always there for me and understand what my situation is like. Camp Kesem has truly been one of the most incredible experiences of my entire life."
—kesem camper
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