National Staff

Kesem staff members bring a broad range of experience to the organization. The team includes former Kesem campers, college student leaders, board members, and industry experts. In partnership with our national board of directors, we work to create an empowering community for the more than 5 million children affected by a parent's cancer.

Our Leadership Team

sets the direction and strategy for Kesem and manages all work across the organization in support of our mission.

Our Brand + Marketing Team

is responsible for setting the vision and direction of Kesem’s brand strategy and identity. We strengthen and cultivate our community by creating experiences and telling stories that bring to life our beliefs, values, and impact.

Our Development Team

leads our philanthropic efforts. We raise the critical funds that enable us to deliver our mission and impact at no cost to families.

Our Finance, Administration, Systems, and Talent Team

designs, builds, and manages Kesem's infrastructure and invests in culture, experience, and growth to provide exemplary service to staff, constituents, and stakeholders.

Our Operations Team

is responsible for the delivery of impactful and high-quality Kesem programming for the community. The team provides oversight, training and guidance for our volunteer college students to ensure all programs are not only fun and creative, but also safe, inclusive, and equitable.

Our National Board of Directors

has a key role in crafting our strategic plan and ensuring that we do the best work possible in pursuit of our goals.

Our National Alumni Leadership Board

is comprised of outstanding Kesem Alumni who helped shape and grow our organization as student volunteers. Now, they serve Kesem through leadership and strategic planning in the areas of Alumni giving and fundraising, program development, community engagement and more.

Kesem names

At Kesem, we have many traditions that we hold dear. Kesem Names started as a Camp Kesem tradition to help our campers express themselves and to be an added layer of escape from what’s going on at home. 

Today, every community member is encouraged to have one as we believe they allow us to have fun, play, and give us the freedom to be our true selves, and our best selves.