Year-Round Services

There’s more to Kesem than camp!

While many call Camp Kesem the best week of the year, we know we can serve families in more ways. That’s why we also offer free year-round services.

The children we serve have the chance to reunite outside of camp at least twice a year to have fun and support each other. We also provide different touch points throughout the year that keep the Kesem magic alive until camp begins again!

Read more about our services below:

Kesem year round support graphic

Kesem By Your Side provides customized, personal support for children through the many challenges associated with a parent or guardian’s cancer journey including difficult news, recurrence, loss, and anniversaries. This opt-in support service is developed on a case-by-case basis in a collaborative partnership between parents/guardians and local chapters.

Warm Welcome provides every child a welcome package of materials to immediately include all families into our greater community in a personal and supportive way.

Kesem year round support graphic

Special Deliveries provides all children with personalized greetings, such as birthday cards, delivered either by traditional or electronic mail to remind all Kesem families that they are a part of our community.

Friends + Family Days are generally twice a year, bringing together existing and interested camper families, Kesem student leaders and alumni, and local supporters for a day of activities, fun, celebration, and community building.

I am amazed at the time and effort these counselors put into making this such an amazing experience for our son and our entire family. They are genuine and give so much. They not only give their everything for the week of camp but are involved throughout the year. They made monthly phone calls to check on the family, they sent a birthday card to our son, they sent positive notes to us when my husband started with hospice. They are a special group of young adults."
—kesem parent