Our Approach

Mobilizing to support children impacted
by a parent’s cancer.


Kesem recruits diverse student leader volunteers from college campuses across the country to lead local Kesem chapters.

With oversight and guidance from Kesem, these talented and committed leaders work year-round to deliver programming and services, including Camp Kesem, tailored to the needs of children affected by a parent’s cancer in their community.

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Camp Kesem Smores
leadership skills development at kesem summit


Kesem provides college chapter members with ongoing leadership development training and support.

These students are responsible for nearly every aspect of their chapter management. The delivery of our free annual summer program, Camp Kesem, and year-round services requires students to build strategic plans, recruit and train professional volunteers, facilitate family and community outreach, and fundraise to cover all costs.

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Kesem provides ongoing mission connection.

After leaving college, Kesem provides new opportunities for these graduates (referred to as Kesem Alumni) to support children affected by a parent’s cancer. These engagements allow them to share their Kesem and professional expertise, volunteer in the field, and support organizational priorities.

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Kesem Seniors graduate into alumni
These kids make me want to be a better person. Every time I go to wake them up and every time I get a high-five from a little seven year-old, I just want to be the person they think I am. I want to be that positive light—in the rest of my life and not just at Camp Kesem. I want to take the Camp Kesem spirit with me wherever I go."
—kesem student leader

Among Kesem college student leaders:

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83% felt better prepared for life after college after their Kesem experience.

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97% are interested in continuing to do philanthropic work after college.

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80% have been impacted by cancer.

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100% undergo extensive training on how to create an environment where children will feel safe, loved, and respected.