I Spy A Butterfly

This February, Kesem celebrated an important milestone. For almost 2 years, Kesem has embarked on an effort to rebuild our brand. Not because we didn’t like who we were—because if we’re going to deliver our mission to support children through and beyond a parent’s cancer with free, fun-filled creative programs and a lasting community, we have to act with clarity and focus. 

The aim of this Kesem brand refresh is not to revolutionize who we are or to minimize the critical importance of our flagship program, Camp Kesem, but to evolve us in ways that will better position us in the minds of others to do even greater things for the kids and families we serve in this next chapter. 

The output of this important work was the construction of a brand strategic framework, the shaping of a brand story, and the introduction of new visual identity touchpoints—the most prominent being the introduction of Kai, the butterfly. 

When developing the new Kesem logo, the primary goal was to evolve the mark for the Kesem brand and create something that can stand on its own, something that looks like us and is familiar to those who already know and love Kesem,  and something that meaningfully connects to the programmatic core of our organization—Camp Kesem. Overall, it feels serene, optimistic, and just slightly playful. 

This illustration is simple. It’s just two lines, in two colors, perched on the edge of our Kesem logotype. But whether you know Kesem in the depths of your heart, or are just hearing about what we do for the first time, this butterfly mark means that Kesem transforms lives. To know our organization means to know a powerful, transformational journey. Lightness in dark. Wings where there were once none. And we want everyone who looks at our brand mark to remember that.

As we head out of two years of uncertainty and adaptability, we believe that this is our time to emerge anew and reaffirm our purpose and accelerate our impact. We can’t wait to fully live into this chapter of Kesem’s history when we’re back at camp in just one month. Like Kai, we’re excited to carry our history with us and emerge a newer, more evolved version of ourselves.

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